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Our Mission

The Custom Events’ forte is organizing one-of-a-kind, memorable, timeless and spectacular cultural events, celebrations, ceremonies, embassy, and corporate functions. TCE recognizes that promoting any kind of cultural tradition or value involves a deeper understanding of its intricacies and purpose, as well as the fashion in which it can be best presented. Merging culture and innovation is the building block upon which TCE masterfully crafts all its events. Our highly-dedicated, energetic and creative team fully immerses itself in transferring our clients’ dreams into reality, as no detail can be considered too small or large to ignore.

Our mission statement explains our organization’s core tenets and serves as the catalyst in meeting and exceeding our clients’ goals and expectation as follows:

  • To create highly engaging, entertaining, educational, and cultural events of the highest caliber
  • To earn and maintain our clients’ trust and organize events that are in full-alignment with their vision
  • To ensure that every detail is executed with utmost passion and professionalism
  • To provide transparent services to our clients at a fair and reasonable cost
  • To merge culture and innovation effectively
  • To inspire and encourage each individual team member to cultivate their creativity and prowess as event professionals and work collaboratively

Our Upcoming Norooz Event

This single event brings attention to several cultures and their unique traditions while highlighting a shared holiday celebrating the arrival of spring. Members of this extended community from the Middle East, the Caucasus, Central Asia, and the U.S. will convene at our Norooz event whose purpose is to:
  • Foster cultural exchange and enriching dialogue amongst attendees
  • Celebrate and call attention to the unique traditions of each of the several cultures represented as well as the many similarities they all share
  • Recognize a joyous celebration spanning over several centuries, countries, and regions
  • Underscore the need to preserve rich cultural traditions and values
  • Build solid cross-cultural bridges

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